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Tell Us @ FIU Libraries

Information on a study conducted by the FIU Libraries to help us learn how students use online information. Help us help you!

About the Study


What is the purpose of the study?

The FIU Libraries want to know how FIU students find and use information online. The results of this study will help us better help you find the information you need to do your assignments.

What would I have to do?

After signing a consent form, participants will complete a brief online questionnaire on how they find and use information online. Then, they will use a library computer to recreate one of the searches for information they did for a recent assignment, while they tell us about why they searched the way they did. Computer activity and narration will be recorded, so we can learn how and why participants searched for information the way they did. All information will be collected anonymously, and no pictures or videos of the participants will be taken. Participants' names won't appear anywhere except the consent form, which will be stored separately from the data.

Will this affect my grades?

Not at all. There are no right or wrong ways to search for information, and your answers won't be graded. We just want to know how students prefer to find information online. (However, you don't get extra credit for participating either!)

How long does it take to participate?

The study will take up to 30 minutes.

Who can participate?

Any FIU student 18 years or older is eligible to participate.

Where will I participate?

The study will be held at the Green Library.

What will I get for participating?

The satisfaction of knowing you helped us...
     ...and your choice of a pencil, pen, bookmark, water bottle, or other school supply.

Ooh, sounds great! How do I sign up?

Look right below this box for information on how you can participate.

How You Can Help

Email one of the researchers, Sarah or Barbara, using the "Email Me" buttons at the left of this page for more information or to participate. You can also stop by the Information Desk at the 2nd floor of the Green Library and tell the librarian there you are interested in participating in the "Tell Us" study.

Thank you!