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SDC Platinum

Use this guide to learn how to get started with SDC Platinum.

How to Access

  1. Login into a Dell Computer.
  2. Click Start and select the SDC Platinum folder from the drop-down list.
  3. Click SDC Platinum V4.0.3.2.
  4. Use fiu for the login initials.

SDC Platinum allows for only 2 simultaneous users so be sure to EXIT out of the program when finished.

Nuts & Bolts

1. Click the tab for Mergers & Acquisitions.



2. Select your targets and click OK.



3. Select your dates.  In my example I used a custom date. Click OK.



4. Select what variables you want to examine.



5. Select your target variables by double-clicking.  In my example I am interested in Brazil as the target nation and Canada and the United States as the acquiror within the industry of trade.



6. Scroll down the list for the list of acquiror options. 



7. Select your options by double-clicking on them. Click OK.



8. Scroll down to select the industry. Double click on your selection.



9. Double click on your choices.  Click OK. 



10. Click CLOSE after selecting your variables. 



11. Select between Report, League, and Analysis to get your data. Click EXAMPLE to see what a report will look like. Click OK after deciding what report you want. 



12. Click the Save As tab to save the report in Excel on your USB drive. 

1. Click the tab for Corporate Restructurings.



2. Select from the tabs across the top. In my example I am searching Company State. Click Open.



3. Select the details of your search by double-clicking on your choices. I selected Florida. Click OK.



4. After selecting your variables, click Close.



5. Click Report. 



6. Click on the report you want to run. Click OK.




7. Click the Save As tab to save the report in Excel on your USB drive. 

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