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National Poetry Month

This guide will help you celebrate National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month, the largest literary celebration in the world

Juan Felipe Herrera Named New Poet Laureate of the U.S again!


Juan Felipe Herrera is the 21st Poet Laureate of the United States (2015-2016) and is the first Latino to hold the position.  He was appointed to a second term in 2016.  As of this posting, no new poet laureate has been chosen.




Odd to be a half-Mexican, let me put it this way

I am Mexican + Mexican, then there’s the question of the half

To say Mexican without the half, well it means another thing

One could say only Mexican

Then think of pyramids – obsidian flaw, flame etchings, goddesses with

Flayed visages claw feet & skulls as belts – these are not Mexican

They are existences, that is to say

Slavery, sinew, hearts shredded sacrifices for the continuum

Quarks & galaxies, the cosmic milk that flows into trees

Then darkness

What is the other – yes

It is Mexican too, yet it is formless, it is speckled with particles

European pieces? To say colony or power is incorrect

Better to think of Kant in his tiny room

Shuffling in his black socks seeking out the notion of time

Or Einstein re-working the erroneous equation

Concerning the way light bends – all this has to do with

The half, the half-thing when you are a half-being



How they stalk you & how you beseech them

All this becomes your life-long project, that is

You are Mexican. One half Mexican the other half

Mexican, then the half against itself.


Write a collective poem with Mr. Herrera (via the Library of Congress' poetry site)

O'Miami Poetry Festival--ongoing events all month

O, Miami is a biennial poetry festival in Miami, FL. Produced by the University of Wynwood with principal support provided by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, O, Miami creates a series of events and projects with the simple goal of every person in Miami-Dade County finding a poem during the month of April. Mixing traditional readings with innovative poetry-in-public-places projects, the festival weaves poetry into the fabric of the city’s existing infrastructure and cultural life.

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