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LBS4654: Comparative & International Labor Studies

What is This?

This is a guide to help you with your research paper.  From your syllabus:

Each student will be required to conduct independent research on the labor relations and labor movements of a country not covered in the weekly readings, and then write a paper laying out what they have discovered. These research papers should analyze the history and structure of your chosen country’s labor movement, the relevant laws and regulations that govern labor relations, the current status of the nation’s unions, and any relevant challenges or questions that they are facing.

As part of the process for writing this research paper, students will also be required to turn in bibliographies.

This guide is one-stop shopping to help you find the resources you need!

Off-Campus Student Resources


NOTE: For many of the resources listed, access on campus or through the "off-campus access" portal is required.  For off-campus access to library-licensed e-Journals, research databases and other e-resources, you must log-in to    from the library homepage

After accessing the databases and resources, you may see   find it icon  -OR- find it icon small  in your search results, click this button to check for access to the full-text content. 

You can search the Libary Catalog for e-books and government documents or Course Reserves (the last checks for items your professor put on electronic reserve). Other resources for electronic resources include:


Using "Find it @ FIU"

So, what's Find it @ FIU?
It's an OpenURL link resolver.  Basically, when you perform a search in one of the library databases, such as Gale's Academic OneFile, you will at times see a button/link labeled "Find It @FIU" next to each article citation, like this:

Clicking on this button will also provide you with any available full-text options for the article. 

What does CitationLinker do?
It helps you find the full text of articles. When doing research, you often find a citation or maybe an abstract, of an article in a database but the text of the article isn’t included. CitationLinker and its associated tools (360Link, eJournal Portal, Find it) will let you check all the other library full text resources to see if you can get the article either in a different database or in the library’s print or microform periodicals.

Look for the “Find it @FIU” results screen sidebar on the right: