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International Students Library Guide

A guide for international students of all levels about the FIU Libraries and how academic libraries operate in the United States. Includes lists of services, rights, and resources.

About the FIU Libraries

In the United States, college libraries are teaching libraries, and most librarians are professors.  As your partners, we will help you learn how to conduct research, learn how to use library resources, and find answers.  Working with a librarian, you will be able to do your own research after graduation.

Librarians are members of the university faculty at FIU, and as such are well educated and have advanced degrees.  We are ready to help you with questions, assignments, and research.

The entire library - librarians and library staff - are your partners in learning and research.  Ask us for help.  We are here for you.

FIU is a wonderful, dynamic, and culturally diverse environment.  The FIU Libraries embrace this environment enthusiastically, and believe that cultural awareness and understanding makes the world a better place.