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FRW4751/5934: Francophone Literature of the Caribbean

Course Guide for FRW4751/5934, Dr. Pascale Bécel, Fall 2016

Find Books

Go to FIU Libraries page,

On the library homepage, click on the "Catalog" tab. This takes you to the online catalog to search for books and other materials that we own.

You can do keyword searches with 'Anywhere' and will probably get some titles. However, you may only get books in English only and/or only titles that include your search phrase.

To get fuller results for your topic, change 'Anywhere' to 'Subject.' This means you'll use subject headings, a controlled vocabulary of words in all catalog records that bring similar titles together when no words in the book title matches your search or you do want to include books written in other languages. Look at a record from your 'Anywhere' search, identify the subject headings in the record and use them to do a new search.

Here're examples of subject headings related to the class topic. Subject headings are often combined. I use dashes below to show subject headings with different elements but it's not necessary to use them in your own searches.:

Condé, Maryse--Criticism and interpretation (typical subject heading search for critical material on a literary author)

Guadeloupe literature--History and criticism (typical subject headings to find literary histories and critical materials.)

Haitian literature--History and criticism

Martinican literature--History and criticism

Most subject headings on literature combine the adjective form of a country or region with a literary genre and sometimes a linguistic component. For example, Caribbean poetry, West Indies (French) or Caribbean drama (French).

Other useful headings:

Creole dialects, French

Creoles in literature

French language--Martinique

Motion pictures--Caribbean Area

National characteristics, Caribbean

Negritude (Literary movement)

Race relations in literature

Theater--West Indies, French

Another way to search is to select 'Advanced Search' and choose option 3 on that page. This is a 'browse' search that allows you to see your search results in alphabetical order. Change the dialog box to 'Subject' and type in your subject headings. This is especially helpful for browsing country subject headings in history that include chronological subdivisions. Type in 'Caribbean literature' to see the full range of this type of heading.

Citation Assistance

The guide, Citations & Plagiarism, has great links for assistance in creating citations.



Georges Liataud

Untitled, described as woman with basket