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Faculty Services & Resources

This page is intended to acquaint you with the suites of services available to faculty. Take advantage of resources and services listed and offer your suggestions for how we can better assist you and your students. If you have questions or comments please


The Libraries' digitization efforts are led by the Digital Collections Center (DCC) of the Green Library.  DCC's mission is to build online collections of enduring value for university and global users by identifying, digitizing, and preserving information resources of scholarly, educational, and civic interest.

gis services

The Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS Center) at Florida International University supports and facilitates the teaching and research activities of the FIU community in the areas of geographic information systems, remote sensing, geospatial web visualization and geospatial data management.  GIS services include Research and Teaching support, Data Danagement and Visualization, and Map Services and Finding Aids.  

data management

data management plan lifecyleWhat is Data Management?
Data management is the process of controlling the information generated during a research project. Research projects across disciplines result in data. Data management can ensure the accessibility of data throughout the data’s life cycle.

Our GIS Center has compiled information and resources to help you get started.  Visit them for more information on 

  • The data life cyle
  • Data management plans and details
  • How to write a data management plan
  • Helpful data management tools
  • Sharing and storage
  • ...and more