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researchHOW - Information Literacy Toolbox: Subjects & Resources

Come for the information, stay for the literacy

The content here will help guide you through specific resources/databases or through researching specific subject areas.

database features

Each database may have different features that will expedite your searches.
Look at links and/or icons for these functions:

  • In some you can create a free account to save citations, searches, or research for later review.
  • Use the built-in citation generators
  • You can often e-mail citations or the full-text to yourself or a colleague.
  • See if the database allows you to export a citation directly into RefWorks or another bibliographic management program.

things to remember

When searching discipline or subject-specific resources, you may find that:

  • need to change the terminology/keywords you are using to better fit that discipline or profession 
  • ...the articles are written in technical and scholarly language
  • need to refine the search strategy more than once
  • need to search across multiple subjects
  • ...some of the subject specific resources, are also format specific; some resources will ONLY contain scholarly articles or media or newspaper articles or conference proceedings, etc

Library Subject Liaisons

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