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Global Learning

Supporting FIU Global Learning Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

Global Perspective

Global perspective is the ability to conduct a multi-perspective analysis of local, global, international, and intercultural problems.

Resources on the following pages will help you view the world from others’ points of view. They will help you see how different disciplines, cultures, genders, nations, and other perspectives conceive problems and shape solutions.

Triumphal return of victorious Japanese imperials

Triumphal return of victorious Japanese imperials
Watanabe, Nobukazu, b. 1872

"The brief battle of Asan ended with a Japanese victory, with 500 Chinese and 82 Japanese casualties. The Chinese army was retreating to Pyongyang, their last stand in Korea. This print depicts a Japanese camp in the vicinity of Seoul, where casks of sake are stacked, gifts of Japanese people and companies for their victory. Watanabe Nobukazu excelled in depicting battles of The Sino-Japanese war and The Russo-Japanese war that occurred ten years later"  --From label.