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Global Learning

Supporting FIU Global Learning Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

Multidisciplinary Resources & Databases

In these general databases, you will find articles from all disciplines. There are a variety of media types for most subjects and topics. If you are combining topics, this might be a great place to find interdisciplinary articles. Make sure to check "peer reviewed" if the option is available and your professor requires scholarly articles.

These are reference databases. In general, they are full-text and offer dictionary and encyclopedic articles on a variety of topics. This is a great place to start your research and get basic knowledge, keywords/vocabulary, history/background, and key figures related to your topic.

Are you looking for a current topic or one that is related to local information? Comprehensive news collections are ideal for exploring issues and events at the local, regional, national and international level; Its diverse source types include print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos.

Use these databases to find information on contemporary and popular issues. They offer articles on current and controversial topics. Some will have expert pro/con papers from research leaders in their fields of study.

Search electronic local and global dissertations and graduate theses indexes for access to collected scholarly research.

Conference proceedings and papers may be published in various ways: as separate, one-time publications; as serials; or as special issues in journals. Sometimes only the abstract is published; sometimes the paper may be obtained only by contacting the author or society; sometimes the full text is on the web. Occasionally the papers are never published but may be cited by authors who attended the meetings. As a result of these variations, locating conference proceedings can be complicated.