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Credo InfoLit: Citations and Academic Integrity


Citations and Academic Integrity

This module covers the importance of academic integrity and the basics of citing sources in different styles.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Video: Why Citations Matter
  3. Tutorial: Why Citations Matter
  4. Video: APA Citations
  5. Tutorial: APA Citations
  6. Quiz: APA Citations
  7. Video: MLA Citations
  8. Tutorial: MLA Citations
  9. Quiz: MLA Citations
  10. Video: Turabian Citations
  11. Quiz: Turabian Citations
  12. Video: Harvard Citation Style
  13. Video: Chicago Style Book Citations
  14. Video: Chicago Style Journal & Website Citations
  15. Video: Academic Integrity
  16. Video: What is Plagiarism? Video: Copyright
  17. Quiz: Academic Integrity
  18. Instructor Guide 

Citation Tool Roundup

APA Sample Paper from the Purdue OWL

Download this pdf! It is an APA formatted research paper with every APA formatting spec explained with notes and directions for formatting and citing references.

Citations & Plagiarism LibGuide

Use this guide to find help and information on citation styles and avoiding plagiarism. Find APA, MLA, AMA, Turabian, Chicago, and some helpful Citation Managers.


RefWorks Login

RefWorks combines powerful citation management functionality including database import, web capture tools and thousands of flexible citation styles, plus a refined user experience, full-text management, collaboration and other features you’d expect from a total reference management solution.

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cite catalog

Cite & Export from the FIUlibraries Catalog

If you click the "cite this" pencil icon: it will create a reference for that item.

If you click the "export" world icon: it will export this reference into a citation manager like RefWorks.


citation tutorials

Citation & Academic Integrity Tutorials

Tutorials will cover the importance of academic integrity and the basics of citing sources in different styles.

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies are lists of resources that include an evaluative summary of each resource.  More than just a summary of the article, annotated bibliographies give you a chance to critique the resources you're finding.  They can also help you determine whether your research question is viable.  Take a look at some of the resourcs on this page to help you write a strong annotated bibliography!

When writing an annotated bibliography, it's helpful to ask yourself these 3 questions for each source:

1. What is this book/journal article/etc really about?  Summarize the main points.  Remember that an annotated bibliography is more than just a summary, however.

2.  How does this resource relate to the other sources in my bibliography?  Is it biased?  Is it basic or advanced?  Who are the authors and how do they compare with the other authors?  Critically analyze your resource and compare it to other resources in your annotated bibliography.

3. How does this resource help or hurt my research?  What is the unique information?  How does this uphold or change your research focus? Should you include it in your paper?  Why or why not?

The point of an annotated bibliography is to tell the story of your research and your thinking process so that when you sit down to write the paper, you have a strong foundation of thought and information.