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ETD Guide

Detailed Guide through the ETD process

Copyright Information

Copyright LibGuide

This copyright libguide provides an excellent introduction to copyright. In addition to basic copyright information, you can find links to additional resources. You can even search the Green Library catalog for copyright materials directly from the main page in the guide.

This section of the FIU Library website provides plenty of information on several copyright topics, including general information, author's rights, fair use, public domain, and international copyright.


Registering Copyright is not mandatory and many times unnecessary.  To learn more about the intricacies of copyright registration check out: Nancy Sims' blog post.


ProQuest charges:                $55 

Library of Congress charges:  $35

If you plan on registering, we suggest you register through the Library of Congress because it's the cheapest and most direct option.  The Electronic Copyright Office (eCO) can be complicated, so be sure to view their tutorial, located on the right side of this page.



Deposit is mandated by the Government (via 17 U.S.C. section 407).  Two of the best available copies are required by law.  Therefore, if you submit an ETD, but still print physical copies, two copies must be sent to the Library of Congress.  However, if you only do the ETD, then you are exempt from mandatory deposit.  

Mandatory Deposit Information via Copyright Office

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