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ETD Guide

Detailed Guide through the ETD process



Digital Commons is an institutional repository (IR) platform used for harvesting, preserving, and providing access to the intellectual output of an organization.  FIU uses Digital Commons primarily for ETDs and traditional academic research.  

What you need to know about your ETD in Digital Commons:

  1. It will be preserved and backed up several times over.
  2. Your ETD can be found through search engines like Google and Bing, FIU and WorldCat Catalogs, and in Google Scholar, a search engine for reputable scholarly information.
  3. Digital Commons sends out periodic emails alerting you of download rates.  For more information about download rates visit: bepress.

Digital Commons Website


You will not submit your ETD until we have your Final ETD Approval form.  Once we have received this form, I will send an email with instructions for how to upload your manuscript to Digital Commons.  Tthe date of this email usually coincides with the deadline of the Final ETD Approval form. Check the deadline HERE

Creating a Digital Commons Account

Submitting ETDs to Digital Commons