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ETD Guide

Detailed Guide through the ETD process


What is the Final Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) Approval form?

The approval of the defense and final thesis or dissertation will be approved through this iteration of the “ETD Approval Form.” This form serves as the final signature page.

What is the deadline for the Final ETD Approval Form?

The deadline for the Final ETD Approval form will align with the old D7/M5 Deadlines. The Fall 2015 deadline is 12/4/2015. Deadlines can be viewed from

Do I have to submit a signed, hardcopy of the signature page (page ii of the ETD)?

No. The signature page is not mandatory, but you may still submit signature pages to be signed by the Dean for binding purposes. Keep in mind that these pages must strictly adhere to our formatting, or the Dean will not sign.  An unsigned copy of your signature page is still required to be included as page ii in the ETD.

Can I have people sign, scan, and email the Final ETD Approval form?

No. The signatures must be in original ink. Be sure to plan in advance. If you can't get a signature because someone is away, then you can have the absent person email permission for a committee member, Graduate Program Director, major professor, or Dean to sign on their behalf. The email must be turned in with the form.