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ANT2000: Introduction to Anthropology

Dr. Dennis Wiedman


Welcome to the Library Exercises for the course “Introduction to Anthropology” by Professor Dennis Wiedman. These exercises are designed to introduce you to the FIU Library electronic resources for locating, accessing and reporting on anthropological information. By learning how to locate information in the leading journals in applied anthropology you will better understand how anthropological concepts and methods are used to solve contemporary issues and problems.

This guide takes you through the four parts of your library research assignment.  At the top of each page are tabs that  take you to each of the exercises. The left column on each of the exercise pages states the exercise objective and briefly outlines the exercise steps. The center and right columns illustrate the steps you should take through the library web pages and windows to accomplish your search.  



Begin by signing into the library using the steps outlined to the left.  Then start by exploring the library at  Click wherever you see a link to see where it takes you!